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You can rely on Smoking Billy’s to bring you top quality fresh food and warm friendly service that won’t soon be forgotten.


Meat choices come with your choice of two sides plus bakery fresh buns, Billy's Homemade Carolina Sauce and Kansas City BBQ Sauce.



Choose one meat    $14/Person

Choice of Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or BBQ Chicken. 


Choose one meat   $16/Person

Angus Brisket or Ribs (4 bones).


Choose two meats   $18/Person 

Choice of BBQ Chicken (2 pieces),  Pulled Chicken or

Pulled Pork. 

Choose two meats  $19/Person

Angus Brisket and Ribs

Choose three meats  $20/Person

Choice of BBQ Chicken (2 pieces),  Pulled Chicken

and Pulled Pork .

Choose three meats  $21/Person

Angus Brisket, Ribs and Pulled Chicken


Side Choices 

Kim's Cheesy Potatoes or Mac & Cheese,

Pit Baked Beans, Billy's Coleslaw,

                   Not Your Momma's Cornbread

Gallon of Tea or Lemonade     $6/gal

Serves 16. Comes with Cups.


Additional sides        $2.00/Person

Dessert                      $1.00/Person

Paper Products         $.50/Person

         Staff To Serve Available: Two People @ $75.00 per hour               


Trailer Hours:

Fri. - Sat

11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Billy and his family have enjoyed living in the foothills of the BlueRidge Mountains since 1997 and for years his family and friends have been requesting his authentic smoked BBQ. Bill takes pride in his unique recipe and smoking standards that bring you the most delicious and tender BBQ you can find.


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